December 28, 2012

End of the Year Review

Based on the past two years, my blog appears cyclical in nature- raising its head for the first months of the school year and dying down again after Christmas. By posting this end of the year review, I will break that spell and continue to post throughout the spring and summer of 2013- the year the world didn't end.

In 2011, I focused on defining and setting out what I liked and disliked about each of the three inspirations for my own aesthetic with the intention of putting those into practice for the rest of the year. This discussion helped solidify why I liked somethings, but didn't lead to much practical application.

2012 was a year of transition. In addition to changing the appearance and name of the blog, I have begun to shift focus from reviewing different aesthetics. There were a few practical applications, another test argument, and some more general posts. Not a unified year. It is a pity, because I have pages and pages of half written blog ideas both on the computer and in my notebooks that I never got around to writing.

Based on the directions of my thoughts and the posts I have written already, 2013 will focus on more philosophical thoughts and more day to day 'how-to's' as I attempt to answer the question of 'what do I like' from the metaphysical and the practical standpoints. Hopefully the two shall meet somewhere in the middle.

In conclusion, while I'm glad this blog didn't die in 2012, I wasn't pleased with the quantity or type of posts. My goals for 2013 are to write 50 posts for this new year and stick to my newly defined goal of this blog.

If you are a blogger, what are your goals for 2013 in your blog? If not, what are your goals for the new year in your life?

Have a Happy New Year!