December 31, 2013

An End of a Year and an End of an Era

As you bid adieu to 2013, please include in your remembrances this study of Neo-Aristocratic lifestyle. This will be my last post in this blog.

It has been a long, fascinating journey of aesthetic, fashion, lifestyle, discovery, and writing, but it has come to an end. The world of alternative fashion no longer holds my same interest. I have no desire to return to creating and exploring my own aesthetic. Finally, this blog no longer holds the same joy it once did.

It is time for me to move onto new experiences and new writing projects.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my thoughts and comment. Thank you to the friends I have made through this experience. I will not forget you or your kind words.

I wish you the best in your writings and lives.

May 2014 be full of happiness and growth!


Evelyn Lynette