April 8, 2013

Seven Lessons in Elegance: April

Elegance is the hallmark of an Aristocrat. It pervades every movement, every word, ever gesture. But in the hustle of our day to day lives it is easy to forget that we must have elegance in the little things as well as the large. So this is the first of a new series of monthly reminders: little habits to be aware of to make sure we remain elegant every day.

1. Take your seat elegantly. Do not fall, slouch or plop, but  sit with controlled grace.

2. As you walk, sit, or stand, try to raise the sternum of the chest for better posture. Do not throw your you shoulders back, but raise your spine. This improves breathing and circulation as well.

3. Turn off your computer at the end of each day. Do not leave it asleep, by the edge of the bed, but finish the day  completely.

4. Tidy your desk or work space before bed. Some chaos is necessary in the room and soul of any Aristocrat, but a cluttered desk only wearies the mind before the day's begun.

5.  Arranging your hangers evenly, despite the futility of the task, makes for a pleasing display in the closet. Measure one fingers width between hangers.

6.  Go through your unmatched socks and try to find their pairs. If they remain lonely at the end of the process, throw them away. Why clutter your life?

7.  Try to smile at people as you pass them on the street. Take note of who smiles back and who doesn't. It is a little ritual to bring a sense of community to our modern world.

Seven simple tasks. Seven little reminders. Rebellion and alternative lifestyle are found less in ones thoughts and more in the simple acts of day to day life.

What do you do to bring elegance to your life in little ways?

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