August 1, 2013

What an Aristocrat Should Know: Part III

What is she waiting for?

1. An Aristocrat should have a reading list and be updating it constantly.

2. An Aristocrat should acknowledge these two scientific theories:

2.1. Climate Change is currently ongoing.

2.2. Evolution does govern existence.

3. An Aristocrat should be able to distinguish between black, green, white and herbal teas, even if she doesn't partake of them herself.

4. An Aristocrat should know how to hard boil, scramble and fry eggs.

5. An Aristocrat should know when to rest and do nothing if it gives her a chance to recuperate.


  1. Oh these are all ones I can readily agree with!! I don't have a physical reading list, but definitely a mental one. I love that I can now justify the huge amount of time I spend reading with that it is part of my work!

    1. That is one of the pluses of being a Librarian! You get first dibs on all the new books.

  2. What's the quote that's been going around? 'I was born with a reading list I'll never finish.' Something like that.

    I have finally reached my limit of working a full time DayJob. Apparently at the end of seven weeks, I need to take an afternoon off; I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Gods, think how sad it would be to finish your reading list and not have anything else to pursue?

      Yes, after seven weeks of work, you definitely need an afternoon off. Or longer. I hope you had a lovely, nothing-filled afternoon of rest and whimsy.