July 31, 2013

What an Aristocrat Should Know: Part II

Isn't this a lovely gazebo?
I am tired of people being nervous to commit to a set body of knowledge which everyone should know. These are a list of things that a Neo-Aristocrat should know:

1. An Aristocrat (of all genders) should know how to iron a shirt.

2. An Aristocrat should know the quadratic equation.

3. An Aristocrat should know how to recognize at least three bird calls.

4. An Aristocrat should know, even if you don't agree with, the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, and Kant.

5. An Aristocrat should know how to stand with proper posture.


  1. Oh, Interesting! I can iron a shirt and stand with good posture (when I want to). ;) I'm not very good with bird calls, but I probably recognize ten or so.

    The quadratic equation is one I have forgotten together with all my high school maths. I was quite good with equations, but I haven't had any use for them after high school so I have forgotten...

    You know my stance on most philosophy but I do remember at least some Plato, Kant and Neitzsche. I can't quite remember any Aristotle though...

    1. That is more bird calls that I can recognize reliably. Right now I have two down: a cardinal and a grey dove that lives by the river. I could look them up in a book or online, but I like the idea of learning organically. I see the bird, then hear the call. Or better yet, see them making the call.

      You might like Aristotle. He is very practical and keen on observing the natural world around us. If you get a chance, maybe read a good translation of his ethics?

    2. Living in the country has it's perks... Learning the most common and distinctive birds and bird calls is like learning to recognize the different species of trees or the common edible berries. It is just part of childhood. But I am much better at recognizing the birds themselves than I am at their calls... The distinctive ones are easy, the more melodious ones just become a blur in my mind. I have always had a hard time remembering meodies without words. I suck at recognizing classical music too.

      My mum, who is into philosophy, handed me a book the other day, The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton. She said that this book was quite down to earth and practical in nature... We'll see if I manage to read it.

    3. I have not heard of "The Consolations of Philosophy" until you have mentioned it, but a quick search through the interwebs proves I want it. I adore when people realize that philosophy is applicable to every day life- not just abstract nonsense. Let me know how you like it. Or- better- write a blog post about it!