June 2, 2013

Aesthetic Analysis: Braids

Unfortunately, I don't know who this belongs to either

What? You thought Aesthetic Analysis was just about clothing?

What really arrested me about this photo was the braids. The summer months have arrived and those of alternative lifestyles seem to fall into two camps: those who want to cut their hair and those who want to put it up. I fall into the latter category. 

The Everyday Goth has a lovely resource for historical hair styles to stave off summer heat. This is one more to add to the repertoire. It is a basic Hedie braid, but unlike other examples I've seen it appears more elegant and mature than your typical German child skipping through the Alps. 

In part I think it is the thickness of the braid which centers the look. It would take a wealth of hair to have a braid that thick to wrap around your head, but it gives a weight to the hairstyle which many others I've seen lack. But the strands falling from the braid add a touch of inefficiency and whimsy to what could be a very strict look. 

I'll be trying this hairstyle later in the summer. It might even be able to hold up to a bike helmet.


  1. I always get excited when my hair gets long enough for braided pigtails. I adore the "Heidi" look, and although I've given my hair "THE CHOP," and am happy with it, I want to grow my hair long again when I'm in a few years, in my late 30s and leave it long until I reach my 50s, then I shall have a silvery Anne Rice bob, then grow it back long when I'm in my 70s.

    1. Haha. You have the entire history for your hair mapped out. That is wonderful. I've also wanted to have long hair when I am an older woman. Hopefully, I've taken good enough care of my health that I'll be able to have a long thick white braid that reaches half way down my back that I can braid flowers into.