June 16, 2013

Seven Elegant Lessons: June

Don't be sleeping like these ladies

Elegance is the hallmark of an Aristocrat. It pervades every movement, every word, every gesture. But in the hustle of our day to day lives, it is easy to forget that we must have elegance in the little things as well as the large.

As the sun approaches the Summer Equinox, it rises earlier and earlier each day. The Aristocrat should take this cue from the sun and learn how to rise awake and refreshed each morning. Here are seven lessons to be applied throughout the year  to wake early and begin your day.

~ Keep your curtains, your blinds and, if possible, your windows open. The natural light from the rising sun signals better and more healthily to your brain that it is time to wake.

~ If you wake before your alarm and do not have an hour and a half before it goes off, get up. The sleep you'll sink back into won't be restful, won't complete a full circadian rhythm and will leave your sluggish and groggy. Use the extra time as a gift to read in bed, write in your journal, go for a walk, or take an extra long shower.

~ Do NOT hit the snooze button. I repeat, DO NOT hit the snooze button. You won't be any more rested and will feel stressed for the rest of the day.

~ Keep a glass of water (or water bottle) next to your bed. A great deal of the sluggishness in the morning is actually dehydration. Taking a few sips (or gulps) of water does wonders to jump start your morning.

~ Before jumping in the shower or starting your day, take ten minutes to have some morning exercise, stretching, or  moving routine. Do a few wall push ups. Bend over to touch your toes and just hang for a moment. Do a few sun salutations. A few moves of Tai Chi. The moving banishes the last of that sleepy grogginess and gets your blood flowing.

~ Make your bed every morning. Every. Morning. A made bed is always more inviting than an unmade bed and it makes the room look so much neater.

~ Try not to turn the computer on during your morning. You may intend to check just your blog, but the next half hour is lost and your breakfast dissolves into a banana scarfed on the run.

What are your morning routines?


  1. Spending two weeks violently ill changed my morning habits. I used to be a two cups of coffee chain smoker in the morning. Now, I sit on my apartment balcony drinking two tall glasses of water with one (maybe two) cigarettes, enjoying my morning zen. I do some simple morning chores, get dressed, eat a bit, and head into work. There, I have another getting started routine.

    I have also gotten away from the snooze button. Mostly, it is because the Darkling sleeps later than I do. I have found it helpful, however. I'm definitely less groggy and faster to wake up in the morning.

    1. That sounds incredibly peaceful. What chores do you like to do in the morning? Does it help to feel that you have started off the day productively?