June 23, 2013

Bizarrely Enough: Thoughts on Makeup.

Now, anyone who knows me or has seen me in real life will find this post a complete surprise. Despite my love of alternative fashion and despite alternative's fashion love, generally, of dramatic makeup, my own relationship to makeup has been juvenile at best.

In the total years of my life, I have bought maybe three items of make up (two mascara and one, terrible pallet of blue eye shadow). Everything else has come as gifts from my more cosmetically gifted sister and cousin.

And yet here I am today to give you not one, not two, but three thoughts on makeup that I would like to share with you.

First, and strangest, a make up review:

In a fit of forgetfulness, I left my latest eyeliner uncapped for... about a week. Needless to say it has dried up, so while in the drugstore looking for a new one, I happened to come across L'Orielle Infallible eye shadow in Slate. Being nothing short of terrible at eyeliner, the smudging brush at the end caught my attention. Even if your line isn't straight or a little spotty, you could just smudge the imperfections away. Plus, it came with a built in pencil sharpener.

My lovely readers, this goes on so smoothly. I can create clean lines on my first attempt, try cat eye and other fancy frills of make up and it looks decent. I've barely needed to use the smudge stick. I'm not sure if it lasts the full 16 hours it claims to, but the pencil sharpener does work wonderfully. It doesn't seem to be very smudge or water resistant though.

In short, the eye liner impressed me enough to mention it on my blog!

Secondly, no picture sorry, I have a tendency to rub my eyes a lot during the day. Yes, I know this is bad for a lot of reasons, but it is especially frustrating when it smudges my makeup beneath  my eyes making me look nothing short of a raccoon. (It's so dark, I don't even get to be a teenage emo kid.)

Soap and water from the bathroom just doesn't clear it up well enough and is really bad for the skin. Just the other day, I had a revelation about makeup: I could put a small bottle of lotion-  like the ones you collect from hotel rooms- in my purse and always have an easy and clean way to remove that makeup mid day.

It's a small life hack, but I'm pleased I was able to solve the little problem.

Finally, I happened across this video recently:

As someone who struggles with the natural vs unnatural debate over makeup, I'm interested in hearing other people's reactions to the message that women don't wear makeup for the rewards (being considered beautiful/ attractive to men) but to avoid punishment. This will probably deserve it's own post at a later date when I have thought of what I think about the situation a bit more.

What are your relationships to make up?


  1. I wear make up because I like it.

    I don't because I don't feel well, or I'm running late, or because f* it, I don't have to today.

    It all depends on the day, whether I'm bare, just foundation, or full-faced-eye-liner-and-everything. I've never been into the feminist politics of make up. Wear it or don't; no skin off my nose.

  2. This is probably going to end up sounding like a refrain, but I do think that is one of the healthiest relationships you can have towards make up. Do you notice if people treat you differently depending on if you wear make up or not? Are there any changes in people's reactions or responses?