September 4, 2013

Une Petite Pensee: Books in Bags

Victorian Clutch Found Here

Now possessing a bag that can hold more than a wallet and a phone, I have the delightful option to carry books and notebooks with me where ever I go. When putting books in bags, put them spine facing up. Small items are less likely to be lost in the pages or the pages themselves to be crushed.


  1. Oh, I have to have a bag that can hold at least my wallet (huge one), a book (huge one)and my makeup/necessities bag (huge). Gloves, phone, water bottle are other, a bit more optional, essentials... So my handbag is a satchel. A black one! :D I like the rigid shape of it, it means that whatever I put in my bag stays where I put it without unnecessary chaos! And books can be pinned between my makeup bag and the back wall of the satchel, which is rather handy when trying to keep a book looking good!

    1. Hahaha. It sounds like you are prepared for anything. This bag was a gift, so I can't complain. But my next bag will most definitely have a rigid shape. Right now, my poor dear eats all my pens and small items in her corners.

      You should do a "What's in my bag" post. Just a quick short one.