May 5, 2013

Challenge Update 1: Summer Reading and Good Goth Keeping

Frederick Judd Waugh "Chess Players"

I dislike it when blogs degenerate into nothing more than a series of updates on various goals. What once was a series of interesting and useful articles and posts, then become how many crossfit challenges you did a week or how many books were read that month.

On the other hand, it is pleasant to see the progression of a project or hear general results of a challenge. Especially, it is a challenge others proposed. Here is a promise: any challenge updates will be grouped together, not occur more than once a fortnight, and try to be a bit more insightful than just a list of numbers.

A Victorian woman reads in a blue room.
Edward John Poynter "Evening at Home"

Summer Reading Challenge:

~ A week and a half into the challenge and I'm not reading 30 hours a week. Not close. Maybe closer to 15-20. However, now that school has began again and I am counting school reading, that number will sky rocket.

~ I've taken to reading for an hour in the morning. It is lovely. To just lay in bed, with the sun rising over the horizon and learn about Cicero's advice on how to win an election, French parenting skills, or travels in Afghanistan is a great way to begin the day.

~ My reading, as seen above, has become more eclectic. Last week I checked out 20 books from the library ranging from science fiction to political theory to a history of garlic and its uses. It was incredibly freeing knowing I neither had to finish the book if it bored me but knowing I had to fill up four hours a day- even if I don't quite manage.

~ Overall, a good success and I can't wait to see what else I'll come across this summer.

A warmly lit, cluttered room with soft sofas.
Does this room seem comforting to anyone else?

Good Goth Keeping Challenge 1

What started off as a simple tidying of the room turned into a major re-arrangement of all the furniture for spring. The result? A much more open and cleaner looking room.

I was able to also tackle two of the items on my list:

~ All my various craft ideas have been separated  wrapped into neat bundles with tissue paper, and stored much more neatly in their bin. Every time I get the urge to be crafty, I'll reach into the bin, pull out a craft and work on it. Hopefully, the bin will be empty by the end of the summer.

~ The papers have been organized. Clearing out a shelf on my bookshelf revealed a good storage container for all of my to-do papers and letters. They are much more neatly stored on my desk now.

I'm still looking for the psychic decluttering, but I am happier with how the room is set up now.

How are your challenges going?


  1. I am presently returning to GGK #1 since I am packing to move. Packing definitely forces a person to examine All of the Things! It's going slowly, however I am discovering that I am capable of letting go of books I once held tightly to.

    In that vein, your reading challenge is delightful and encouraging. I have often found myself stuck in the same genre with the same authors. While there is a certain comfort to that (particularly at the end of a long, tiring week), I should press my comfort zone.

    1. Yes, moving certainly does make you reconsider everything you own several times over. I think it is the constant moving during college and grad school rather than the lack of money that gives rise to the impoverished stereotype.

      Thank you for the kind words! It does take a push sometimes to move away from your comfort zone. After all, if you only have a limited time to read, you want to make sure you're reading something you know you'll enjoy. I'm glad you are making a push to read beyond that zone though! Let me know how it goes and if you find any good books.