May 31, 2013

Ways to Blog More Elegantly

Robert Louis Reid "The Mirror"

I realize, compared to many blogs, 50 posts is no great landmark. However, it was one of my new year's goals to have posted 50 times by this October. I'm pleased that I have made that goal with time to spare!

Without further ado some naval gazing! Here are my tips and thoughts on blogging.

~ Employ Barbell Blogging: Take a look at my archives. Most of my blog posts are clustered together with occasionally long months, or even a year, between posts. I could never manage to post consistently once a week (I tried) and so have accepted without guilt that I'll blog when I have inspiration and stop when I don't. This approach is actually more natural because it gives you uninterrupted months to develop new ideas and aesthetics.

~ Write what interests you. Surely, this doesn't need explanation.

~ Write what you know. Many times I have started a blog post, written the introduction, and then stopped because while the inspiration was strong, the background knowledge was not. A blog post shouldn't require a research project to complete it.

~ On the other hand, you should be researching constantly. Or living your aesthetic. Or having your adventures. In short, living your life in accordance to what your blog is about.

~ Ignore page views. What other people might find the most interesting may not be what is most important to you. Write for yourself, not you audience. Write to put your ideas in words, not to attract fame and glory.

~ Respond to each comment with more than a single line, if possible. Better still, try to start a conversation with you commenters.

~ Finally, make sure you know why you are writing a blog. Remind yourself occasionally. Make sure your posts aren't deviating too far from the original idea. Make sure the original idea is still interesting. Otherwise, change it.

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