May 7, 2013

Seven Lessons in Elegance: May

Elegance is the hallmark of an Aristocrat. It pervades every movement, every word, every gesture. But in the hustle of our day to day lives, it is easy to forget that we must have elegance in the little things as well as the large.

May is traditionally the true threshold of spring. March may house the Vernal Equinox, but only May can be said to be truly free of winter's grasp. May these little lessons help remind you of the beauty of spring.

1. Take a walk around your neighborhood or city and notice the flowering trees and gardens that are blooming now.

2. If you see someone gardening, especially in a public place, thank them for helping the beautify the world.

3. Take your lunch outside and find a pretty place to eat in the sun. Even better if you can turn it into a picnic with friends.

4. Open your windows for fresh air during the day.

5. Find Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and listen to 'Spring.' The opening measures sound perfect for spring's exhilaration.

6. Rearrange a part, or all, of your room to get rid of clutter and produce a more open feel. I like to rearrange my room for each season.

7. Stretch each morning after getting out of bed for better energy. Your body wants to be moving more now.

What traditions or rituals do you have to welcome in spring?

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